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A Saraswati Quarter Call

Copyright Len Rosenberg (Kalipadma)


This Quarter Call utilzes four different forms of Saraswati for the four directions.
It is followed by a traditional Sanskrit shloka (invocation), along with an English translation for those who may prefer that for either reference or practice. 
This is a great resource for those working with Saraswati, in any of Her aspects.
It can also be used as a template for the creation of other Deity Quarter Calls.

Saraswati Quarter Call:
Turn to the east:


Goddess Gayatri, keeper of the 24 syllable mantra! 
Dawn-giver, light-bringer, born from Brahma's brow! 
Bearer of the crystal mala, sweet speaker, lead me to enlightenment! 
Gayatri Devi, namaste!

Facing the south, or the zenith where the noon sun would be:
Goddess Savitri, scholar and teacher! 
Noon-bright, descending into mortal form like Vishnu! 
Bearer of the palm-leaf book, writer of letters, inspire me with poetry! 
Savitri Devi, namaste!

Turn to the west:


 Goddess Saraswati, musician and artist! 
Effulgeant as the setting sun, making melodies for Shiva's dancing feet! 
Bearer of the many-stringed veena, plucking music from the ethers! 
Saraswati Devi, namaste!

Facing the north, or the nadir beneath the earth:


Goddess Matangi, hidden and sorting through refuse! 

Dark as night, unclean and yet still a source of beauty! 

Breaker of taboos, bohemian, solitary, transforming the polluted!

Matangi Devi, namaste!

Saraswati Shloka:
Saraswati maha bhage/  vidye kamala lochane//
Vishva roopa visha lakshi/  vidyam devi namostute//

(Saraswati of great gifts/ knowledge comes from your lotus eyes//
Taking all forms, and all-seeing/  grant us knowledge, O Goddess, we bow to you//)

OM GAM Ganapatiye Namaha! OM DUM Durgaye Namaha!

Devi Spring, author and compiling editor. Copyright Devi Spring 2006.