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A Lakshmi Meditation


This piece was originally published at, however the link has since gone dead.
Here is a re-print of the meditation.


It's a warm summer evening.  You're sitting outside, relaxing on a fallen log under an ancient willow tree.  A beautiful, teal colored lake surrounds you, perfectly serene and peaceful in the moonlight.  Lily pads and lotus flowers dot its surface creating the fragrant air around you.   You feel perfectly at peace, completely relaxed and at ease.  Taking a deep breath, you inhale the flowery fragrance deeply into your being and close your eyes. 


Suddenly, you awaken and notice the full moon now hangs high overhead.  You're not sure how much time has passed but you feel extremely well rested and happy.  Standing up, you see a glowing, golden light in the middle of the lake.  Stepping to the edge, you peer out and notice the light is growing and coming closer.  Tentatively, you try to step off the edge of the land and are amazed that you can walk on the water.  Step by step, you slowly walk toward the growing , golden aura never making a wake in the perfectly tranquil lake.  Nearing the light, you now see a huge white lotus flower, completely closed except for the golden light that pours out from its upright petals.


Stopping, you stare in awe as the flower begins to open. Expecting the light to be blinding, you avert your eyes away.  "I've been waiting for you, no need to hide," a beautiful voice says.  Turning back, you see the lotus is now completely open and standing in the center of the huge flower is the most beautiful woman you've ever seen.  She is glowing and vibrant.  A golden jewel glimmers from her forehead and she is crowned with gold and jewels.  Her beautiful black, silken hair flows down her back.  She is bathed in a flowing sari of shimmering, red and gold silk.  Intricate golden chains decorate her waist and neck.   Beautiful gold bracelets dangle on her four arms.  As she extends her hands in blessing, golden coins pour from her palm, falling endlessly into the lotus flower that she stands on.  In her upper two hands she holds the most perfect white lotus flowers you have ever seen.  They pulsate with a shimmering light that sends an exquisitely fragrant warmth into your being.  In her lower left hand she holds a beautiful golden pot that shimmers from the embedded jewels that decorate its surface.  "You've come here to learn of me and I am here to teach you," she says.  "Come, follow me." 


Her golden aura pulses, blinding for only a second and you are standing with her,  but your surroundings are different.  The full moon still hangs high overhead, but you see thousands of tiny glimmering lights.  Hearing a 'popping' overhead you look up to see fireworks dotting the night sky.  Voices waft toward you, laughing, singing and happy. 


Looking up to the Goddess she says, "These are my people.  Today is my day, Lakshmi Puja.  On this day I am invited into the homes of my people, invited by the handmade, twinkling oil lamps, red powder and flowers that show me the way into their homes to bless them with wealth and prosperity.  Today they have cleaned their homes, made sweets to eat, lit lamps of love and go door to door singing for treats.  Children run through the streets with glittering sparklers and the fireworks are seen and heard all over the town.  Special prayers and offering are made to me with beads and coins so I may visit tonight and bless their homes with Abundance and Prosperity." 


"Now it is time for the gifts I can share with you," she begins.  Kneeling in front of her, she stands in blessing, her four palms reaching toward you.  She first places a golden coin in your hands.  "Know you will never hunger, for you are blessed with artha, the gift of prosperity, you will have whatever material means you may require to fulfill your ambitions."


[Imagine a coin being placed in your hand.]


Next she places one of the white petals into your hands.  It is cool and silky to the touch.  "Now I give to you dharma, the gift of righteousness, to help balance your life and teach you what true transcendence means in your path."


[Imagine a rose petal being placed in your hand.]


Another white petal is placed into your hands.  It is warm and soft.  "This is moska, the gift of beauty, for all that are touched by me are beautiful."


[Imagine another rose petal being placed in your hand.] 


She places her hand on your chin and raises your face upward opening your mouth slightly.  She opens the beautiful golden bottle and pours its liquid into your upturned mouth.  As the golden liquid touches your tongue, complete bliss surges through your body.  "Lastly, I give you a drink of amrita, the essence of immortality, health and life.  It is the gift of kama, pure carnal pleasure, life itself that will completely nourish your physical, mental and spiritual being."


[Imagine a few drops of water being placed in your mouth.] 


"Go now and do not forget what I have given to you, for these are the keys to life itself."  You bow your head and thank the Goddess Lakshmi for what she has given you.  Her golden aura pulsates and as you look up, she is gone.  You are now kneeling under the ancient willow at the edge of the lake.  Looking up to the moon you smile for you have been blessed with many gifts on this night.  Rising to your feet you continue back home.


Take a few minutes and think about the gifts you have been given and when you are ready slowly shift your consciousness back to this room and open your eyes.

OM GAM Ganapatiye Namaha! OM DUM Durgaye Namaha!

Devi Spring, author and compiling editor. Copyright Devi Spring 2006.