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The IndoPagan Project


The IndoPagan Project seeks to be a resource for, and to unite those in the NeoPagan community who feel a deepest resonance with the Vedic, Hindu, Buddhist or other path of Indo-origin, and whose ritual practice and pantheon choice is based heavily in one or more of those spiritualities.

The IndoPagan Project is striving to provide a resource for those on the IndoPagan path, by gathering not only human resources, but also educational, ritual, liturgical and spiritual resources geared towards those following a blended path.
A long-range goal of The IndoPagan Project is to determine the role and duties of a specifically IndoPagan clergy for the community, and then work towards establishing a training scheme to facilitate the establishment of official clergy to serve our needs.
We also are trying to raise awareness within the NeoPagan community and the mainstream academic world as a whole, about the presence of this particular sub-community within NeoPaganism.
We wish to be just as recognizable and respected as those who follow Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Greek, and other more commonly represented pantheons within the NeoPagan world. We also need to have the same ready access to educational resources and training materials neccessary to our faith, that other paths within NeoPaganism enjoy.


Any and all aid in our cause is appreciated!
OM Shanti!

The IndoPagan Yahoo Discussion Group


In the interest of IndoPagan inter-community dialouge, a Yahoo!Group has been established where all those of an IndoPagan persuasion may gather.
The goal of our group is to foster fellowship among likeminded individuals, and to learn from those following a syncretic path. This particular mode of spirituality seems to be relatively rare within the modern NeoPagan community, and this group aims to close the gap and facilitate a sharing of information and practical application methods intuited by Shakti Wiccans, Shakta Shamanics, Shaiva Wiccans, Hermetic Tantrikas, and IndoPagans everywhere.
The IndoPagan & Shakti Wicca Yahoo!Group
 is hosted by our sister-site Shakti Wicca.
To join our discussion group,
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OM GAM Ganapatiye Namaha! OM DUM Durgaye Namaha!

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