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IndoPagan Readings


In this section we will collect essays and articles primarily written by IndoPagans, but also of general interest to the IndoPagan community. 
We are always looking to make new resources available to those interested, and accept submissions of applicable original work. If you have something that you would like to have presented here, please contact via our contact page.


Originally published in PanGaia #46
Feature-length article presenting interviews with IndoPagans from various backgrounds about their chosen path, as well as the past, present, and future of IndoPagans in general.


First published in Issue 96 of Circle Magazine, this article does an excellent job overviewing Eastern elements that have become part and parcel to the Western NeoPagan tradition. A wonderfully researched piece!


The Vedic Magick Series by Andy Holland
of the Cardiff University Pagan Society


This is an absolutely AMAZING online resource for those just learning about (or for those who just love taking in beautiful traditional and educational imagery) traditional Hindu practices. This is basically an online documentary on the role that devotional images have in Hindu worship. The article itself is about 19 pages long, with many spectacular pictures from various Indian locales to illustrate the material being presented. What is most appealing, is that there are several video clips with full audio showing various Hindu devotional practices, and narrated for greater comprehension. This is a wonderful resource for observing traditional practices, so that one will have a better grasp on how to perform them, or how they may be adapted to an IndoPagan practice.
** Unfortunately for the past few months this link has not been working. We have tried to contact the hosting page, as it appears that they still believe to be hosting this article - so far, there has been no repair. We will keep this link here in the hopes that it will eventually return, as it is an extremely valuable resource.**


IndoPaganism and the Proto-Indo-European Connection
This article introduces a number of topics regarding the common link between such beloved-by-the-NeoPagan-community ancient cultures as the Celtic, Norse, Greek, and Slavics...and including India and Iran. Linguistics have proven amazing parallels within the spiritual systems of these peoples, and trace them back to a common root - the proto-Indo-Europeans.
This really interesting article makes an attempt at tracing a common base or structure to the mythological characters of Indo-European cultures. As you may or may not know, India shares a cultural heratige with the Celts, Greeks, etc. This article may be of great aid to those seeking a reference point for blending NeoPagan and Hindu belief.
This site traces the roots of many words from various cultures. Interesting info can be found here regarding the links between ancient societies.
This is an article from the ADF exploring the spiritual significance of the hearth in proto-Indo-European society.
Two rituals written by members of the Druid organization, the ADF. Although the bulk of ADF members practice Celtic Druidry, the organization openly recognizes and encouraged cross-spiritual practice of other Indo-European traditions which share a common root with Druidry. The Vedic Reconstructionst branch of the ADF is one such group within the organization. These rituals attempt to re-create in language and style, proto-Indo-European ritual.


Various Readings on Kali, The Dark Goddess
as an Astrophysical Anomaly


by Moss Bliss D.D. (Zaivalananda)


Originally published in newWitch Magazine Issue #10



Submitted to T.IP.P by Robin Renee
Originally published in PanGaia Issue #40


from the LuckyMojo Archive
This excerpt briefly examins the practice of some Trinidad dwellers of blending Hinduism into their native practice of Orisha worship. A great example of intuitive syncretism at work, and can serve as inspiration for those drawn to more tribal practices.

OM GAM Ganapatiye Namaha! OM DUM Durgaye Namaha!

Devi Spring, author and compiling editor. Copyright Devi Spring 2006.