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Contact Us

Want to contact us here at
The IndoPagan Project?

We are always open to hearing from new people with an interest in IndoPaganism and our cause. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about the site or about IndoPagansim in general.
Also we get excited about new contributions to our ritual database and resource archive, so if you have any rituals, worship elements, essays, articles or other items of interest and value to the IndoPagan community, we would love to hear about it!
Remember that we also post announcements of importance to fellowship in the IndoPagan community, so if you have any Rites of Passage to annouce, or know of any upcoming workshops or events that are going to include IndoPagan topics, please send us that information as well!
We support the endevours of all IndoPagans, and are happy to include links (of an acceptable and non-sexual nature) to webpages that you have found useful to IndoPagans.

Email @ The IndoPagan Project


OM GAM Ganapatiye Namaha! OM DUM Durgaye Namaha!

Devi Spring, author and compiling editor. Copyright Devi Spring 2006.