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IndoPagan Ritual Resources


Below you will find an ever expanding database and archive of IndoPagan ritual material. As there are no widely available publications about IndoPaganism as yet, The IndoPagan Project would like to provide the community with as many gathered ritual materials as possible, so that those seeking to follow the path, or deeped their connection to the path, will have a point of reference from which to launch their practice.
If you have, or have seen, any other IndoPagan ritual materials, please submit it to us (with any pertainent copyright information) via our contact page, so that we can continue to expand this resource.


Videos Explaining the Basics of Performing Puja
This lovely video shows the basics steps of performing a home puja.
One can see how some elements could be adapted to fit a practice that does not have access to traditional puja implements -
such as substituting a candle for the ghee lamps.
This outstanding little video shows the graceful movements that go along with offering the incense, light, and other gifts to the murti during puja. It also shows how to offer the gifts to any gathered at the ritual as prasad.
Obviously, the same procedure show here for performing puja for Tulasi is translatable to the workship of any Hindu deity.
This video simply documents an ordinary Hindu performing puja to a murti in a public space. You can see the simplicity of the ritual, and can integrate the elements into your own practice.
The puja shown is a very simple one that is being performed by Western devotees just learning the art of puja. It includes only an abbreviated mantra, which is really just calling Ganesha's name and nothing more.
This demonstrates the point that whatever you offer with a loving heart will be acceptable to the Devata, no matter what your skill level with puja.


Various IndoPagan Ritual Scripts
This group ritual outline was composed for Yule 2007, and authored in the Shakti Wicca tradition. This allows for whatever Circle Openings and Invocations the performants are normally accoustomed to. Hence, this is the main central body of the ritual, and does not include any openings, closings, etc.
This group ritual utilizes a Quarter Call that calls upon the many names of Lakshmi. It is a very good example of a fully-blended IndoWiccan (based in Wiccan ritual structure, with important puja elements added) ritual in the tradition of Shakti Wicca.
Based on the Yoga Tradition of the Matrikas
This ritual uses Hindu themes, symbols and deities, within an eclectic Wiccan ritual framework. A very simple and nice ritual for groups, or could be used as inspiration for a solitary rite.
From the Sybilline Order
This beautiful ritual in IndoWiccan style is from the Sybilline Order based in Texas. It was written for use as a purification, "destroying inner demons to make way for a new beginning".


Other IndoPagan Ritual Resources
Many NeoPagan rituals begin by purifying Circle participants with water, oil, or perfume before entering into the ritual space. This article explores utilizing bindi as an Indo alternative, to help bring in more Eastern elements into one's practice.
A short artcle simplfying and demystifying the process of creating a devotional altar for working with the Hindu deities.
Originally written for aspirants of the Shakti Wicca tradition, this short outline nonetheless delivers simple instructions on how to begin a devotional mantra practice with Ganesha. It includes links to articles giving context information about the nature of mantras. This could be adapted for use with any Eastern deity.
This website hosts a glut of valuable information regarding the blending of Wicca and the Hindu philosophy of Samkhya. The site includes a detailed explanation of what Samkhya is and how it can be applied to Wiccan thought and practice. There is also an archive of blended rituals for use as-is, or inspiration.
This site is written by an amazing woman who comes from a hereditary Trinidad Indian shamanic lineage. Her path follows that of her grandmother, which blends Shakta Hinduism, Carribean shamanism, and some NeoPaganism. There are many informative essays and ritual resources on this page.

This link is a resource that I found while searching the internet one day. The spells and rituals are in a very Western Wiccan format, with Watchtowers being called at the Quarters, etc. This may be another source of inspiration for those with either more fully Western leanings who only wish to incorporate the Hindu Deities and not Hindu ritual aspects, or for as a springboard for those who are looking for ritual ideas and who can tweak the ritual format into a more specifically Hindu-ized Wiccan/Pagan format (using such guides as the Shiva Opening Rite).


Everyday Prayers to Indian Gods

This link will bring you to a page that hosts many English-translations and Sanskrit-transliterations of traditional Hindu prayers to various Deities. This is a good resource for those looking for ritual prayers, or else for simply devotional purposes. Most of the prayers can be downloaded as PDF files, and some prayers which are offered only in transliterated Sanskrit are accompanied by sound files to aid in pronunciation.



IndoPagan Ritual Elements by Len Rosenberg (Kalipadma)
This ritual invocation calls upon the 3 Great Hindu Goddesses
Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Kali
This calls on 4 different forms of Saraswati to bless and gaurd a Circle.
Perfect for rituals working within the sphere of Saraswati's influence.


Hindu Prayers and Invocations in English
Here are several links to pages which feature Hindu prayers, scriptures, and invocations in English translation. These make excellent additions to IndoPagan rituals!


IndoPagan Rituals by Volmarr Wyrd
This puja outline is writted for use with any Deity. It is based directed on traditional Hindu puja, but it has been translated into English. Inserting the name and mantras of one's chosen Deity will easily make this puja suit any needs.
This full-length puja is written for use with Narayana, a powerful evil-destroying form of Vishnu. However, it can easily be tweaked for use with any Deity by substituting the name and mantras of one's chosen Deity with that of Narayana.


IndoPagan Rituals by Phile Hine
Phil Hine's website contains an entire archive of articles and rituals on Westernized Tantric practice. Some of these come from a Left-Hand perspective and may not suit all IndoPagan practitioners; however, he also has a section devoted to material specifically designed by and for those in the Gay-Bi-Les-Trans community. This would be an excellent source for IndoPagan members of that community as well.
This puja outline includes many of the important internal aspects of puja, and can be used alone or in a group situation. Very good for the novice IndoPagan, or those looking for a simple, but powerful practice that is easily implementable in a daily spiritual routine.
The outline is for a ritual opening and would work well in a group or coven situation. It could, of course, also be used in solo work. Very similar in feel to an opening based in the LBRP or other such Circle Casting.


Meditations on Various Hindu Deities

This lovely meditation can be used to actively meditate upon the Divine Form of Durga, if one cannot look upon Her Image in person. It can also be used to ask for strength, aid, or any other boon from the Goddess.

This link will bring you to a very beautiful, calming and comforting meditation on the Goddess Lakshmi. This would helpful during times when you are in need of comfort and prosperity (in any aspect of life), or to strengthen your bond to Her.


Outlines for Ritual Fire Sacrifices

Agni Hotra: The Sacred Fire Ceremony

This IndoPagan resource comes from Cardiff University Pagan Society's Andy Holland. It outlines a Westernized IndoPagan version of the the Sacred Fire ceremony. You can find the entire Vedic Magick series in the IndoPagan Reading section of this page.


Havan Kund Puja

This resource comes from IndiaYogi, and outlines a simple ritual fire sacrifice. The outline is completely tradition, but is in English with few mantras. This can be tweaked to suit any specific needs.

This full-length fire sacrifice ritual has been adapted for use by Westerners by ShantiMayi. It requires a full compliment of ritual implements, but once one has obtained these this could be of great use.

OM GAM Ganapatiye Namaha! OM DUM Durgaye Namaha!

Devi Spring, author and compiling editor. Copyright Devi Spring 2006.