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IndoPagan E-Groups


These e-lists are ones that we at the IndoPagan Project have found to be of great value to our community members.
A subscription form is provided for each one, along with a brief description of the list content and tone so that you can make an informed descision about which ones may be right for you.
(And of course you may always unsub from any groups which don't meet your expectations or needs.)


The IndoPagan Paths 
Discussion Group

This group is where all those with IndoPagan leanings to join together and share ideas and discuss issues relevant to those following or seeking to follow a blended path of Hinduism (or other Indo-origin spiritualities) and NeoPaganism.

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Shree Maa's Devi Mandir Discussion List

For those practicing a blended path that focuses on Hindu Shaktism, the Devi Mandir is an excellent resource. The Mandir was founded by Shree Maa (internationally recognized as a living saint) and Swami Satyananda Saraswati (a Western-convert and reknowned sadhu) with the mission of making Universalist Hindu Goddess-spirituality accessible to Westerners. This e-list is for those who are taking advantage of the Devi Mandir's learning materials and is a forum for them to ask questions, and receive support and fellowship from other devotees. All information is geared for Westerners. You don't have to be using any of Devi Mandir's materials to get alot of great info from this group, and all your questions will be promptly answered.

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The P.I.E. Religion Discussion Group


This list if for the discussion of Proto-Indo-European religion. It is not a discussion list for linguistics. Linguistics will surely be brought up here as part of the study but the focus is on the religion of the Proto-Indo-Europeans.

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 SHARANYA Sha'can Tradition's "Daughters of Kali"
discussion group.

While this group is connected to SHARANYA and the Sha'can tradition, it is open to all Goddess-worshippers and discussions may range from the generally NeoPagan to the specifically IndoPagan. Most members of this list are devotees of Kali, or other Dark Goddesses from various world pantheons.

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Shakti Sadhana Discussion Group

This group is primarily for born-Hindus who are practicing Shaktas. Much of the discussion is one advanced Sanskrit texts and traditional right-hand tantric practice. The information you can glean from this group is of a very traditional Hindu viewpoint, which can be helpful for those already very familiar with Hinduism and its classical scriptures. However, those making inquiries that deviate from traditional Shaktism (i.e. coming from a NeoPagan perspective) are only grudgingly tolerated. This list is recommended for those seeking strictly traditional Hindu perspectices of Shakta practices.

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Kirtan-O-Rama Announcement List
This list is run by an IndoPagan, and it is open to all those who wish to be kept up-to-date on upcoming kirtan (devotional singing and chanting) events around the globe. As the list is open to Hindus and Pagans alike, there are often interesting blended events announced.

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OM GAM Ganapatiye Namaha! OM DUM Durgaye Namaha!

Devi Spring, author and compiling editor. Copyright Devi Spring 2006.